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Update: Internet service disconnection
Published on: 01-07-2016

Dear Customers,

In response to some of the enquiries we have received, we would like to confirm that RLTT is committed to all of its obligations to the main satellite provider as per the agreements and contracts signed.

We would also like to inform you that this interruption is not localised to our customers only, but has also affected companies and organisations in other countries and regions of the world. We do not mention this to worry you, but purely to put you in the picture and keep you informed.

Due to the severity and magnitude of this interruption, we are currently drafting a new compensation plan that will be rolled out to all of our customers. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we will update you with the specifics of this plan very soon.

Our customer service team is available today to respond to your enquiries and questions, and you can contact them on the telephone number 021 3660201 or via email on

We sincerely thank you once again for your kind patience and cooperation, and we reassure you once again that we are still working round the clock to bring back the connection as quickly as possible.