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WiFi Support

General Rawafed WiFi Information

How many units of Hardware are supplied with RLTT WiFi?

We provide 2 pieces of hardware:

  • Outdoor CPE/AP Antenna
  • Indoor WiFi Access Point Router
Is the first installation free?

Yes the first installation is for free. However onsite support after the initial free installation will be chargeable. For more details please refer to our WiFi Technical Support Price List.

How to Find the MAC Address on outdoor Antenna (C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP)?

To view the MAC address of the antenna:

  • Flip over the outdoor C1n CPE/AP
  • Remove the cover
  • Inside and next to RJP connector you will find the MAC address along with other information.
  • Once done, please replace the cover as it was origianlly positioned.
Is my location covered?

To check whether your location is covered, please visit the WiFi Coverage page and check your location against our coverage map.

What WiFi packages are available?

Subject to the WiFi service being available in your service area, please visit the WiFi Services page to view all the available packages in your city/town.

Can I upgrade and downgrade between different packages?

Indeed. For example, if you have Flex 4 service active you can upgrade to Flex 6 by purchasing a Voucher Card for Flex 6 and then use the Flex 6 card to renew your monthly subscription once your Flex 4 Subscription has expired and you will then be automatically on Flex 6. Vice versa you can go back to Flex 4 (from Flex 6) simply by using the Voucher Card for Flex 4 once your Flex 6 Subscription has expired.

Can I use WiFi with a wired or wireless internal network?

Absolutely. You can connect PCs or wireless devices to your WiFi router.

Can I play on-line games with WiFi?

Theoretically Yes.